Storina applications for a variety of WooCommerce templates

You can easily have Android and ios apps as great as Dijikala

All you have to do is install the plugin for a few seconds and set up the apps

اپلیکیشن فروشگاهی اندروید پرسون برای انواع قالب ووکامرس

شما به راحتی آب خوردن می توانید یک اپ اندروید به عظمت اپ اندروید دیجی کالا داشته باشید.


Some features of Storina applications

Compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress

Compatible with stores built with WooCommerce and display simple and variable products and compatible with WordPress templates

Build an application in 5 minutes

You can easily download different versions of your application in less than 5 minutes

Can be installed on Android and iOS

Storina applications can be run on Android and iOS operating systems and can be published through reputable markets

AR augmented reality support

Ability to upload 3D images, which the user can view 3D images using the AR augmented reality system

Custom layout of layers in the design

Ability to design banners, sliders and products in applications through the application dashboard on the shopping store

Ability to change colors and logos

It has the ability to select 16 million color spectrums and you can choose your organizational color in the application

Engage your customer automatically

Ability to chat the seller and buyer online similar to what is available in Divar app with the ability to send audio, text, image and stay offline one of the parties.

Send infinite dedicated and free notifications with the ability to direct the user to the desired page on the site or application.

Use instant analysis of the program and view online users or products with the most views, products with the highest frequency of search by users

Video review

Video demo of the app

An application as great as Dijikala with many features, some of the pages of which are displayed in this video in a completely real way, and you can do the layout and type of display of the main pages yourself or by pressing a download click such as the app demo.

پخش ویدیو
Activated applications
Customer satisfaction

Page design

Screenshots of application pages

Some frequently used parts in the application have been photographed, which you can see here as a scroll

Online chat system Mechanism of shopping list Notifications sent to the app Content Blog Site Archive account or product category type one and type two and type 3 and type 4 at different levels Native shopping cart in the application Steps to complete the address and select the payment method From the wallet, use the discount coupon, the ability to attach the text of the description to the seller, the ability to send and select locations on the map and the page, the description of the product with the ability to display video images, etc. Show user comments for products and insert new points Manager Ability to compare products and various other features …


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